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    Last set of pics in my “Marie Antionette” series :) I had so much fun with this. I hope you guys are not too tired of it lol. See the other pics HERE and her bedroom HERE

    Click pics for larger images, no matter what I do tumblr makes them look pixelated :(

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my first Lingerie.
Download: click here
You can find it in sleepwear & swimwear

Well done ;-)


    my first Lingerie.

    Download: click here

    You can find it in sleepwear & swimwear

    Well done ;-)

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    happy halloween!

    i was going to do this for simblreen all properly like how you’re suppose to but my inbox already hates me and i don’t want to mess with it.  plus also i won’t be on like at all tomorrow or the next day much except for maybe late at night and it sort of defeats the purpose if nobody sees my porch lights on sign ahah.  so this is my simblreen gift to you guys! :D

    this sweater has given me a very hard time but i tried to minimize it’s awkwardness as best i could.  huge thank you to blondie who helped me not be so noob with tsrw! ❤

    the mesh came with a black smudge on one of the fingers on the right hand and i couldn’t get rid of it though i did manage to somehow mysteriously turn it white, idek.  ಠ_ಠ 

    other than that though it’s okay i guess :p  the last style, the knitted one, is semi-recolorable, if you use really vibrant colors it will tint it prettily.  and the bunny style looks good with knit patterns and with the color set to a light gray (it looks fine alone too but i just like to give it that knitted sweater look).  :3

    anyways, sorry for rambling!  i hope you like it!  happy simblreen!  ^ᴥ^

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    Robot-mode activated

    I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky 

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